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Thank you for visiting the Stevens Law, PLLC website. Stevens Law, PLLC (the “Firm”) is a small, quiet, boutique private law office offering estate planning, probate and trust services to individuals, couples, business owners, professionals, pre-retirees and retirees. The firm’s first priority is to provide distinctive and personal service of the highest quality to meet its clients’ wealth preservation, estate planning and business succession planning needs on a cost-effective basis.

Estate planning is an investment that produces enormous benefits for your family and loved ones. By planning ahead now, when you have the time and ability to think and to identify your goals and how you want to attain those goals, you can save your family and loved ones significant amounts of money as well as unnecessary stress. By planning ahead, you can also reduce controversy among your family and loved ones and unintended negative results.

Most of the firm’s clients are Minnesota residents. The firm welcomes and appreciates new clients. Although you may not have heard of the Firm yet, please consider calling Scott E. Stevens, Owner, Attorney & Counselor if you believe that you, a family member or someone you know may benefit from assistance with estate planning, probate or trust services.

Many of the Firm’s new clients are referred by bank officers, financial advisers, accountants, insurance agents and other satisfied clients. The firm truly appreciates all the referrals it has received from colleagues in the financial services industry and from satisfied clients. The Firm works to ensure that its new and existing clients remain happy, satisfied, repeat and lifelong clients. The Firm treasures its client relationships and strives to give each of its clients as much personalized service and attention as they need or desire. The Firm recommends and encourages its existing clients to periodically review their estate plans with Scott E. Stevens.

The Firm can help create, review or update your estate plan. Scott Stevens views himself as an objective, experienced, professional legal advisor on a myriad of topics related to proper, reputable, “time-tested” estate-planning techniques. The Firm strives to provide friendly, professional service on a cost-effective basis that focuses on the clients and their individual needs. The complexities of the estate planning process are clarified by educating and shepherding the clients confidently step by step through the process while alerting them to the hazards along the way.

The Firm uses relaxed personalized interviews, forthright attorney-client discussions, and competent guidance and counseling to help its clients identify their estate planning goals. As a general rule, the common goal is to identify and accomplish what the client wants, consistent with prudent and effective, generally accepted estate-planning techniques that benefit the client.

Although a common and frequent goal of the Firm’s clients is simplicity, it is critical and beneficial to cover all the bases in order to ensure that their estate plan meets and accomplishes their needs and goals. Taking shortcuts is generally neither prudent nor recommended.

As a general rule, and for good reason, the firm usually prefers private family trust agreements as the centerpiece of most of its clients’ estate plans. Private family trust agreements help the clients preserve their wealth for future generations, assure continuity of control of their assets, minimize unnecessary estate taxes, assure privacy, and avoid the expense and delays of probate.

In addition to designing and drafting trust agreements, other documents the Firm often prepares include wills, powers of attorney, health care directives and other special-purpose tools.

The Firm wants and strives for all of its clients to remain in control of their situation, to be happy, satisfied, repeat and lifelong clients. The firm does so in part by:

  • Assisting its clients to choose and appoint family members or trusted friends to manage their financial affairs, make critical medical decisions for them pursuant to the clients’ expressed preferences or instructions, and be the guardians for their minor children
  • Offering estate planning assistance and guidance to its clients with the unique needs of family cabins, businesses and farms to help them preserve these important parts of their legacy for future generations
  • Offering guidance and assistance to members of the GLBT community with their unique estate planning needs
  • Offering assistance to its clients who have family members with special needs by creating Special Needs and Supplemental Needs Trusts
  • Helping families who have experienced the loss of a loved one with the ensuing Probate or Trust Administration process
  • Working closely with the other members of its clients’ financial team, including, but not limited to, accountants, financial advisers and insurance agents, to make sure its clients’ estate plan and their financial plan are coordinated and meet the clients’ goals in order to help its clients preserve their wealth and achieve their long-term financial goals.

The firm does not sell financial products or services, such as investments or insurance products. However, the firm works closely, with other members of its clients’ financial team to coordinate the clients’ estate plan and financial plan in order to help the firm’s clients preserve their wealth and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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